Has muscle or joint pain ever sneaked up on you  . . .

and stayed for unexpected long visit?

That’s what was going on for me at the age of 30. Happily  developing software at my desk job and pushing myself to the limits with sports and the chores of life, it all fell apart one day.  I could no longer tie my shoes without pain.

I had over used certain parts of my body.

Doctor visits were not making a difference. I failed the test for carpal tunnel and a number of other “diagnoses”.

I studied yoga, massage therapy, tai chi, deep relaxation, isolated stretching. I ran a lot of experiments and I carefully watched outcomes.  Now I understand how muscles and joints get into trouble and how they get back to health and strength again. Having come from a scientific background, I turned it into the system.

I call it Motion Therapy™.

I like it so much that I’m teaching anyone who will listen. It is that good. One cost: you have to pay great attention to yourself.   Once you have learned to watch and listen to your motion patterns, you will be more attuned to them for the rest of your life.  Attention like this is the primary skill in self-care for muscles and joints.

You will find parts of Motion Therapy™ in yoga and physical therapy.  Other parts are my inventions.   I combine it into a conversation that somehow works dependably and exceeds other methods, preventing surgeries and drugs at a low cost.

I have used it to solve the riddle of pain in my pelvis, hands and wrists, sciatica, and more.  I’m about sixty years old, and I move around a lot more than most of my peers my age.


Do me a favor . . . let me show it to you!