Muscle Care and Massage

How to Care for Muscles with Massage

Pain relief now! – Massage Therapy

Manual touch therapies relieve pain, improve muscle health, and positively boost all body systems. Each day new research and innovation brings more technique to a rich body of knowledge.
The pain makers in our body are mostly unconscious muscle tension and learned but faulty motion patterns. During your massage, I will uncover some of these patterns. Later, we can integrate this information into a Motion Therapy™ solution.

A massage will speed up your process toward a pain free life.

It is common for a massage therapist to discover muscle sensitivity that is outside your radar. These points of tension and their resolution create a whole body solution. Pain in one part of the body is freqently an indicator of muscle overuse somewhere nearby!

Price: $80 for 60 minutes.
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Michael is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in the state of Indiana.