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Yoga for Pain Relief

Are there some parts of your body that go crazy every so often?   I commonly hear about lower back, shoulder, neck, hip, knee and foot (in that order).

Can you predict that a certain exertion will get you into trouble?

Motion Therapy™ goes straight to the source: your motion habits and muscle memory.

It is not easy to change muscle memory unless you know how.  Once you get started down the right path, it gets easy and your pain is Gone Gone –  never to return if you keep up the training.

Yoga for Pain Relief won’t work unless you are diligent and apply the solutions daily in your routine activities!

The classes are small (6 people) so you get the attention you need.

On you will see the phrase “Motion Therapy”.   Motion can heal when done with knowledge and care. Yoga for Pain Relief draws upon the ingredients of Motion Therapy™ to create a classroom solution experience!


10 years of sciatica caused by a dominant leg.
Chronic pain is a mystery for most people.

Here you see causes and effect in simple language.

Chiropractic patient who got an awesome result from a 15 minute introduction.
She learned enough to apply the principles and get  great results on her own.
How I moved from a high-tech career into the healing arts . .
and brought  my science habits with me.