Got pain in the muscles and joints?

Here’s a solution

  • free of drugs
  • free of surgery
  • lasting a lifetime.

The cause of most of your muscle and joint pain is over use a small part of muscle. Carpal tunnel and lower back pain are examples.  We humans get in the habit of repeating certain activities that put stress on little fractions of our muscles and joints.

It takes some diligence and guidance to find new muscle memory.  I’ll show you the cause and the solutions that will resolve your pain, arthritis, and the need for joint replacement surgery.

Nearly every solution includes your gait – – the muscles and habits of standing and walking.

Look for a minute at how you bear weight on your feet. Is it the same on both sides? That is a beginning point of finding your patterns.   I start at the feet and work up looking for overworked parts of the foot, knee, hips and spine.

How do I know all this?

I tore a knee ligament in 1981.  That was the beginning of a long journey, and I learned some healing arts in some unexpected places.   For my story, click here.

I use some novel skills to help people balance out their overuse patterns.  Enormous results come from paying attention to a small part of the body.

 It all points in the same direction:

Our modern lifestyles call for many repetitive tasks.  Fine motor skills recruit only a small fraction of muscle.  That small fraction becomes a painful trigger point.

Your joints can last a lifetime if you distribute the weight over them equally.  And if all the body weight is born on just one small part of the knee cartilage, you get pain and arthritis.   Injuries to cartilage will naturally repair with rehabilitative (slow-motion) and joint specific nutrition.

We bring our pain to orthopedics and they “solve” them with surgery.  We could solve the same problem with changes in diet and motion patterns. And we keep our original parts. Imagine that!

When we perceive arthritis, it is usually worn down cartilage surface that gives us pain. The cartilage can naturally heal itself in a healthy environment with the right nutrition, but it’s not going to succeed if we get up the very next day, use the same old bad muscle patterns, and beat down the very same piece of cartilage. When the joints are balanced with proper muscle habits, they get a chance to heal and be strong.  Arthritis may last a week or month, but not a lifetime.

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Looking Closely at Your Muscle Habits